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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Weekend

My little boy turned 17 on Thursday.  (ok, so he's not so little-he's taller than me) lol

Last weekend when he was home, he had one of his reading books with him.  He shoved a post it note as a book mark.  I told him my idea to make him a book mark but 'manly' for him.  He said "ok cool" in a non-committed way...  then last night we were down in the igloo talking.  I showed him the tag die-and the stamp I was going to use.  He got a little more excited.

This morning before my monthly team meeting, I was down in the igloo, and I made this..

when I gave it to him this afternoon...he absolutely loved it!  And he saw there was a magnetic closure...even more excitement LOL.  oh the simple joys. :)  but knowing he'll use this-and appreciates it...well, what more could a mom want?

we went out for a nice lunch and had a lovely time.  While at the mall, we were in Radio Shack.  My son is taking an electronics course in high school. and he saw the same Arduino kit they use in class.  So we got it for him and some other bits to play with it.

I think he is having fun with it LOL

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