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Monday, May 20, 2013

Memorable May

This month has been quite amazing.  I met my friend Michelle aka Doodlebird Designs this month.  Doesn't sound like a huge deal, right?  well... It is. Considering she is from the UK, and it was my cards that inspired her to sign up as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  She has totally excelled!  I am so proud of her

we were so excited to finally meet!  Let the week begin!!!!

 Michelle and her daughter Lorrina totally spoiled me!  I received so many treats and gifts from the UK.  They will all be special to me.

Wednesday my friend Amy came over and joined us in the Igloo.  We had a lot of fun.  Amy worked on some cards for an event.  It was a lovely afternoon.

Thursday was SHOPPING!  I took Michelle to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets.  She loved it.  And got some great deals. 

 we then stopped at Haagen Das for some ice cream.  oh yum!

Friday was such a gorgeous day!  We went to the Philadelphia zoo.  This was something Michelle wanted to see. And it turned out to be such a beautiful day!  I totally enjoyed just documenting her time there.  She had a great time!

 Feeding the lorikeets was a lot of fun!  Even if Michelle didn't get to feed the red one!  We ended up doing the feeding twice.  It was cute to see them.

Michelle got her first taste of a Philly cheese steak.  it was 'not bad'  in her opinion.  A bit messy tho. lol

After the zoo, we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rocky steps.  

They moved the Rocky statue to the side of the museum, so we took Michelle's picture with it. 
 Michelle's first visit to Applebee's   And she coloured in the kid's menu.  Oh the amusement.

Saturday we went to Diane's pet store...for the birds!  It was quite funny watching this.

 We took Michelle to Walmart...something they don't have over in the UK. 

 When Michelle first saw this on the shelf...she thought it said... Poops.  We got a chuckle out of that.

 Igloo time!  Various pictures playing (creating) in the igloo and learning some new techniques.

 some techniques learned:  Triple Time Stamping, Masking, shrinky dinks.  We also made swaps for next month, and covered some journals.

I made Michelle a special little treat dish.  One side was for Doodlebird Designs, and the other side was for Crazy Penguin Designs.

 That's the week so far.... sadly (for me) she leaves tomorrow night :(  but it has been a fun week!!!  next time--- it's my turn to go over there!!!  start saving my pennies....