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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well it's been crazy the past few days!  We had to deal with Hurricane Sandy.  I was lucky enough to not have lost power (for long) or had any real damage around my house (surprising, cause I thought a few trees would have been goners)

I was lucky to be able to work in the igloo this weekend, and I was busy!  So I got to work on some items to be sold at a few craft fairs in November...


round 2 of the post it note holders.  I made 8 more (I have a total of 12 done) and I varied them with different ribbons/brads that coordinate with the paper.

Some have pens, some don't

then I got started on some gift tags.  These were a lot of cutting-because I didn't plan the stamping out better lol.  I made 6 sets of these. 

and here they are packaged up.  I think I want a topper for them, but I have to think about that.  This shows the front and back...

A friend of mine posted these gift card holders she worked on, and  I just had to make some too!  Oh my goodness they come together so quickly!!!  I made 10-but I have to wait for my ribbon to arrive today to finish the others LOL

and here is the inside of the gift card holder.  I lined the inside so I can hide the ribbon from behind, and give the gifter a place to write a message.

I will be working on more things....

thanks for stopping by :)

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