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Monday, April 9, 2012

So this Easter weekend, since I didn't have my son, it was pretty much a normal weekend for me.  So I spent it working on some other parts of a custom order I have.  I worked on the banners and party hats for a friend's son's 4th birthday.  Of course I forgot to take a pic of the party hat...but here are a couple shots of the banner.  I just need to add the ribbon/string to them

Each cape measures approx 10 inches long.  So the letters measure about 5 inches.  I love how they came out, especially when I did the black shadow on the letters...

I took a pic of just the "happy" part, it also says "birthday" but it's kind of hard to do the whole thing on the cell phone lo.  but you get the idea...

I think my friend will be very happy with how they're turning out.  The party hats are cute too...I'll add them later.

after finishing all the party hats last night, I took a picture of it,  I think they came out cute!  there is elastic
string on the sides so the kids can wear them
and the final part of this event...
t-shirts for the goody bags.  the icons cut out on my cricut (this is the first time I ever used fabric in my cricut-and probably the last) LOL  it was a nightmare!  I won't post pix of the disaster, but filigree and cricut do not mix!

the boys got a blue shirt with the superman icon. and the girls got a white shirt with the super (girl) icon, and then there were 2 adult female shirts with the same icon.  Originally there was supposed to be a filigree heart around the super(girl) icon, but that wouldn't cut properly, so I had to leave it off.

I am pleased with the end result though,and I hope my customer is too.

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