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Monday, June 25, 2012

It was a quiet weekend in the igloo.  I didn't get to really play this weekend.  I am getting ready to have my first workshop this coming weekend, so it was time to reorganize and revamp the igloo. lol  However, it's not that easy to do when it's reading 80+ degrees in there *yikes*  so I've seriously considered getting an air conditioner put in down there.

I did work on a few things.  Primarily a birthday card for one of the floor managers at work.  She has been a great supporter of my business here :) So I had to make it special for her

I love the poppy parade colour!  I am so sad to see it retire.  Thankfully I stocked up on some :D

I do think she'll like it.

The other thing I worked on was a set of 10 thank you notes for a baby shower.  I have everything all cut and stamped out. (and they look adorable btw).  All I need to do is water colour the image and put it together.  I'll post a picture of that one when I'm done.

thanks for visiting...I can't wait for the weekend!!!

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