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Thursday, September 26, 2013

it's been a little quiet...

Hi folks.  I realize I've been a little quiet on here, but there has been some great things brewing!

first of all... if you're looking to get a jump in getting started on making cards...have I (and by that I mean Stampin' Up!) got something for you!!!

Why go to the store when a birthday, graduation, wedding or even a time for expressing gratitude comes up? The Everyday Occasions Card making Kit puts cards for all of those events right at your fingertips, and best of all, they'll be handmade! The kit contains everything necessary (minus adhesive and scissors) to create 20 beautiful cards for almost any occasion, and it comes in a beautiful box to store them in.
I am really excited about this.  Because it is a nice answer for those just starting out to make the cards-and have them on hand.  The tips and idea booklet is something you can adapt to make more-when you want to expand out.  It just breaks it down so it's not overwhelming. 
another new thing that Stampin' Up! has been expanding with is the photopolymer stamp sets...and now there is a new one called- Bite Me

these photopolymer stamp sets are really cute and durable.  I love that you can "see" through them to stamp. 
ok...I'm going to leave you with that-for now... there IS more!!!  visit my site to see more!


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