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Saturday, November 15, 2014

I did the St Teresa of Avila vendor event last night, and at first I wasn't sure how it was going to go...a lot of looks, and "oh this is cute" etc...but my first sale came after 45 min into the evening...A few of the other vendors felt that the layout could have been better and to not have the big raffles when you have vendors because by the time people have spent their money on the tickets for those items, there was nothing left for the little guy.  I could see their point, but also those big raffles drew in the customers.  so I felt it was like a double edge sword.  But I kept smiling, and talking to people.  some said "oh I'll be back" but I didn't hold my breath-I've already learned my lesson on that one...however there was one that actually DID come back-her son wanted one of my mini journals. (it was rather sweet).  My big sellers of the night were my snowman tealights ($3 each) and the big wooden clothespins ($3 each).  Until it was just about 10pm and I was starting to pack up....  and this totally made my night!
    a group of 3 women came up and were admiring my items (I only managed to pack up a couple things).  One looks at my stuff and says: "Are you the Crazy Penguin Lady"?  I had to laugh.  I said, Yes I am.  She said her friend follows me and loves my stuff.  It was weird (in a good way) and she looks at me and says "feeling kind of stalked, don't you"?  LOL  it was funny.  I said I'm always happy to hear when people talk about my items and rave about them.  They saw my gift card cases and fell in love with them!  One bought 3 on the spot... and the best part: I got a custom order for 14. YES..FOURTEEN of them!!!!!
   I nearly packed it up early (a few other vendors did) and I am very glad I didn't.  I know not every vendor event is like this...but I am very glad I did this event.   I did get a few contacts, so that was a good thing too. 

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